Air Freight

Air Freight

When it comes to your sensitive and very fragile items with less volume then you will think about shipping by Air freight, it is the fastest way of shipping and the way of handling the cargo is keen. CARATEEN helps you to ship your airfreight shipment from UAE to anywhere worldwide in very competitive rates.

How to Calculate the weight of your Air Freight Shipment?

Air Freight cost is determined by Chargeable Weight. The Chargeable Weight of an airfreight shipment is determined by the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is greater.

Chargeable Weight Formula: (Length (cm) X Width (CM) X Height (cm))/600= Volumetric Weight in KG.

For example: you packed your items into a box and the measurements of it as follows:-

Length: 100 cm

Width: 100 cm

Height: 100 cm

And the actual gross weight of your packed items after weighing them on the scale after packing was: 110 KGThen the volumetric weight is: (100 cm X 100 cm X 100 cm)/ 6000 =

= 1000000/ 6000

= 166.7 kg


So your air freight shipment weight is 166.7 kg since the volumetric weight is higher than the gross weight.

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Frequent Questions

What are freight charges include?

Depends on the agreement, however, the airfreight charges usually cover only the Carrier/ Airline charges, you still need to pay for local pickup to the Cargo loading bay and destination Customs Clearance & Delivery.

Are airfreight shipment insured?

There is a very limited insurance coverage done by the airline, so you still need to get your comprehensive insurance policy.