Groupage and Small Shipments/ Charged per Box

Groupage cargo service is the most favorite way of shipping for many customers and actually, it is the bestselling service of ours. Carateen movers is one of the top shipping companies in Dubai.

What is the meaning of Groupage service?

Groupage means shipping your small personal shipment along with other customer shipments to minimize the documentation requirements so we get the clearance done faster, in some destinations for instance Jordan and Lebanon you will need only to send us your packed boxes or ask us to pick them up, give us the contact of receiving person with a Delivery address in destination and we will take care of all other shipping requirements and documentations.

Please check our Destinations Page to see the list of Countries where we ship groupage to.

Groupage cargo

How It Works

To make it easier we have built a mobile App (CARATEEN), you need just download it and place your order from A to Z through that, you will get your boxes delivered in destination without even a single phone call from your side, let’s explain to you the steps:

  • Download CARATEEN App.
  • Fill in your order information: Pick up address, destination address.
  • Pick the boxes type, size, and quantity.
  • The above information will lead you to the price of your order based on your information. Our rates are fixed and ready always on the App, so you don’t need to wait for us to tell how much it would be.
  • Order packing boxes in case you don’t have them through the App as well.
  • Place pick-up order Once you got the boxes packed and sealed.
  • You will get a notification from us about the pickup booking date and time.
  • You will get a tracking reference to track your shipment once it is pick up from your place.
  • The App will always be giving you a status update of your shipment until it gets delivered to your contact at the destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to be available upon clearing the shipment at the destination?

No, you don’t need to be there, we will clear it on your behalf to save your time and cost.

What document you should prepare for clearing the shipment at a destination?

We will help you with that, but mainly you need to prepare the packing/ inventory list of the items you packed.

Where you can get boxes from to pack your stuff?

Just text us and we will guide you.

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