Terms & Conditions

The CARATEEN Terms & Conditions are focused on the relationship between You as the ordering party of transport and shipping services and those services are ultimately provided by the carriers, transportation or shipping companies that you agreed to use.

When we ask you to accept our Terms & Conditions, you accept our Terms & Conditions, Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

Subject to the Terms and Conditions of Carriers

CARATEEN is not the carrier of any of the shipment and You agree that all shipments are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the carriers that you have chosen. You agree to become familiar with each carrier’s Terms and Conditions, which can be found on each courier’s websites and/or air waybills prior to tendering any shipments and the outcome of any claims handling will be determined sole by the carrier.

Carateen Usage

By ordering services from CARATEEN, you, and your company, recognize, accept and understand that you will not receive transportation services directly from CARATEEN, but that You will receive services directly from the selected carriers, transportation or shipping companies to the agreed prices displayed by CARATEEN. Those prices are only valid for the search and based upon the information you have provided, such as, weight, pieces, dimension, pick-up and delivery point.

You agree that any quoted rates may change if the characteristics of the actual shipment differ from those reported by you such as: weight, dimension, commodity or any other conditions not accurately described at the time the shipment is processed.

Other Terms:

  • The volume of the goods is considered only as estimation until the goods being collected and finalized after taking the actual measurement. The price will be finalized only based on the actual measurements.
  • The moving price includes the value added tax (VAT), if applicable, and all costs of services that the Customer is additionally required to pay.
  • The taxes associated with international removals are separately billed to the Customer.
  • The Customer is required to hand over or deliver to the movers all documents necessary for the shipment, receipt and customs formalities of the goods. If necessary, the Customer shall present himself in person to the customs authorities upon the first request.
  • The Customer bears full responsibility for the information he provided, both in respect of the administration, and in respect of the movers or any other third party. He and he alone shall bear all the consequences that may arise from fraudulent, incomplete, late, or accidentally mistaken information and/or documents. He shall compensate the movers for all costs incurred in consequence of same.
  • The Customer is prohibited from presenting the following objects to the movers for moving: narcotics, weapons; goods which are subject to permission; objects made of gold, precious metals, paper currency, old coins, securities, certificates of entitlement, postage stamp collections; fur, living animals, plants; liquids presenting a generally known risk of fire, explosion or damage to other goods such as phosphorous, petrol (gasoline), coal, matches, dyes, batteries, acids, or caustic substances; any substances or liquids likely to cause damage to the equipment or to the goods being shipped.
  • All risks, loss or damage arising from a failure to comply with the above provision shall in all cases be borne by the Customer. The Customer will compensate the movers and indemnify it from any amount that is claimed from the movers by third parties due to the disregard of this stipulation.
  • The packing work carried out the day before the moving is charged separately. The same applies to the unpacking work carried out once the move has been completed.
  • Personal objects must be packed by the Customer without any intervention by the movers. Any risks, loss or damage arising from a failure to comply with this provision shall in all cases be borne by the Customer.
  • The Customer is consequently required to accurately provide all necessary or useful information to the movers upon the survey visit, All consequences and additional costs arising from a failure to provide a full disclosure, negligence or errors in this respect by the Customer or his/her/its representative shall be borne by the Customer.
  • The Customer or his agent must personally ensure that nothing has been left behind in the home that he is leaving. He alone bears the consequences of a failure to comply with these provisions.
  • Customer shall bear the costs for the necessary reservation of parking space for the removal vehicles and lifting equipment.
  • Any delay caused by or due to the Customer or his/her/its representative gives rise to payment of compensation by the Customer to the movers.
  • The Movers are in particular not liable for the direct or indirect consequences of war, terrorist attacks, revolution, civil and political unrest, riot, strike, epidemic, quarantine, lightning stroke, fire, flood, snow, ice, storms, the closure of thaw barriers, the use of short cuts, waits in stations, airports, or customs, etc.
  • In the event of loss or damage to the items that are the subject to the removal due to the error of the Movers, its liability is limited to the amount of AED 500 per cubic meter of the lost or damaged items, subject to a deduction of an excess AED 1,000 payable by the Customer for each moving order.
  • Payment Terms: The Customer must pay the invoices and/or any due amount in full in advance.
  • Cancelations and Refunds Terms:
    • If you cancel the order before we pack your goods, a refund can be processed. Orders generally take 3 – 5 working days to process before dispatch. Deductible fee of 10% to 25% apply subject to the amount.
    • Orders already in shipping cannot be canceled or refunded.
    • Any advance booking fee payments made prior the move date will not be refunded less than 1,000 AED.
    • Any payments made online after the service have commenced, cannot be refunded.
    • By using our APP, registering an account, or making a purchase, you hereby consent to our Refund Policy and agree to its terms.